The ethics of Adderall

May 14, 2008

AdderallIn three hours I will be taking a final that will decide my fate for the semester. The final is for Italian, a class I had at 9:30 every day for the past four months, which I barely made it to due to my nocturnal schedule. 

This final is going to own me in every possible way. 

Around these times of year, finals, I hear the word Adderall whispered a lot. People are checking who on their floor might possess this coveted amphetamine. I myself am guilty of using this intellectual steroid when it comes time to cram for the big ones. 

Is this wrong?

Should we be drug tested as well as have our student I.Ds checked at every final?

I honestly don’t know. I hear that poker players have been known to pop a few before exceptionally tiring and drawn out matches. Why should we not take advantage of something that can help us perform better, especially on a mental level? Is this the new form of cheating? Not just limited to stealing tests, glancing over at your classmates paper, but maybe swallowing an adderall to get that extra edge. 

I have a feeling this will be showing up more and more in the years to come. 

For now, though, while the ethics are still blurred, why not? This country is based on competition. If you have the connections, then you succeed. 

If I happen to be in good standings with someone who has ADHD, why not take advantage of it? 

This post has been punctuated by a lot of question marks, mostly because I don’t think that I have any definitive answers, and with the ethics of adderall, I think it is up to you, the reader, the individual, to decide for now. 

Listen, Read, Watch-Enjoy. 



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